• Customized incident reports and aggregates occurrence data to produce reports that give you insight into the "how" and "why" of important risk events.
  • Can help you pinpoint the factors that affect your organization's performance, and enables you to act immediately to mitigate future risk and provide the best results for your staff and their patients.

Predicata's powerful and actionable Quality Improvement and Risk Management software solution PerformanceLinQ, simplifies integration and analysis of quality measures to trend and report on quality performance easily and cost effectively.

PerformanceLinq solution


Quality improvement

  •  The ability to track performance to highlight areas for improvement. With tools for monitoring performance measures, statistical analysis, peer review, and physician reappointment, quality insight delivers analysis of data and provides easy-to-interpret dashboards to every level of the organization.
  • Whether you're checking common links between patient falls, or the time of day medication errors occur, quality insight can deliver the data you need to act.

risk management

Mitigate risk in delivering patient care

  • As payers shift from volume to value based payment, improving clinical quality is a top priority for hospitals.
  • By 2018 up to 9% of a hospital's Medicare income will be at risk due to CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) quality performance penalties.
  • Uncertainty as the healthcare landscape changes demands health system stay ahead of the curve.